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I was born in Chapleau, Ontario and have had a passion for photography since a young age. Being surrounded by nature for most of my life, landscape photography was my first love in the realm of photography. It taught me that the most common things can be someone's most admired piece of art. I now enjoy experimenting with numerous subjects in the hopes of creating pieces of art both speaking my voice as well as speaking to each one of my viewers. I’ve taken all I’ve learned through my two years studying in the Digital Photography program at Niagara College and have applied it to my work as I photograph everything from still life to landscape, architecture and people. Being very active in the world of art, I have an imagination that helps me be creative in all that I do. I have grown to love many types of photography. I've offered photography workshops in which I taught well-structured lessons on the basics and the art of photography. Through it, I’ve helped those who attended understand the basics of photo taking as well as their own creative side. I've also sold my work at local fairs in the form of framed work, calendars and bookmarks. I participated in the Summer Company program in 2014 where I made a name for myself by creating my business J. K. Ribout Photography and furthered my knowledge in photography and business by completing the Started Company Program in Mississauga in 2016.

Now specializing in fine art landscape photography, I am located in the Toronto area to further expand my business and explore new opportunities.

Artist Statement

Born in a small town in Northern Ontario, art became a type of sanctuary for me. Expanding my knowledge in photography specifically, I’m now able to create photographs that speak my voice. The golden rays of the sun spilling over anything, if composed properly, can be made to be the most beautiful pieces. I view the world in a way that can only be described in photographs. My art consists of bringing forth my vision of life. I search this world for small pieces of beauty that are unseen. I find light that bends, moves and twists to illuminate and photograph my subject with elegance and emotion. To capture beauty and to inspire those who observe is my goal.


2012 - Published on NorthernLife.ca for my winning photo in the PhotoVoice Contest.

2013 - Nominated in the 8th Annual Black and White Spider Photography Awards for my work in fashion and abstract.

2014 - Nominated in the 9th Annual Black and White Spider Photography Awards for my work in fashion.

2015 - Third Place winner in Year Two Portraiture in the 5th Annual SickPix Competition of the Digital Photography program at Niagara College.

2015 - Third Place winner in Best Portfolio of the Year in the Digital Photography program at Niagara College.

2015 - Nominated in the 8th Annual International Colour Awards for my work in fashion and earned an honourable mention for my work in still life.

2016 - Nominated in the 9th Annual International Colour Awards for my work in food and nature.


Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with amazing clients as well as alongside some other great artists.

See some testimonials about my services here.

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To captivate every clients inner artist by producing high quality photography that both moves and inspires every viewer.

Mission Statement

We push the boundaries of photography to not only create edgy, elegant and moving pieces of art; but to also produce fresh, high quality work that will captivate our audience.

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