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“I love my portrait that Jennifer did for me. Working with her was enjoyable and she quickly captured what I feel is my best self. I am proud to have such a wonderful picture to use as my face to the world of social media and for my business. I have had many compliments on my picture.”

- Sue Cauchy

"My experience with Jennifer was nothing short of incredible. Her mind, vision and perspective of things is what sets her apart from others. She will likely do the unexpected, make it work, and turn into something amazing. We organized a family photo shoot with her to photograph all the grandchildren for my grandma. Jennifer is not only talented and has an eye for capturing people beautifully, but she is fun to be with, which is very important, it makes the photo shoot more enjoyable and it shines through in her photographs. She is so trustworthy, organized and professional."

- Lianne McColeman

"I recently had the opportunity to work with a talented, young photographer. Jennifer's expertise and professionalism allowed for my new career in modelling to develop. Her attention to detail was inspiring and was shown through the beautiful photographs she captured. She also created a relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter. I would definitely recommend J. K. Ribout Photography!"

- Megan Morin

Gallery Work and Wall Art Services

“One can master technology, but intuition is a blessing only a few have been bestowed with. Jennifer is one of them. What Michael Angelo saw in a raw block of marble, she sees in people and objects and nature around her. Where Michael Angelo used his chisel and hammer and strength to free the person from the raw material, she uses the art of photography and her intuition to free the inner beauty of life hidden to the naked eye.”

- Sébastien Groleau

"Jennifer’s “Raw” photography collection was wonderful to visit and a bright light in Chapleau’s artistic landscape. I would have loved to have the entire collection! They are powerful works of art. Not showy but capturing the mystery and pleasure of each subject. I’m glad I get to keep a couple of these beautiful photos with me."

- Stephen Lee

"Jennifer is an inspirational and creative photographer. I purchased a creative portrait of my daughter and the work was beautifully presented. Jennifer was extremely professional throughout and I would definitely recommend her for photographic art.”

- Vivian Passmore

"The easiest thing to say is that Jennifer is a gifted photographer and artist. What strikes me most about her, is how she sees the world and how she captures its images. And that's what sets her apart... she doesn't just capture 'the shot,' she captures 'the experience'."

- Kimberley Ross


“Jennifer "unlocked" a whole new world for me in just eight short weeks. Having always been interested in photography and having taken literally thousands of pictures, she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, demanded that I look beyond the present and step by step guided me to produce beautiful photographs. Jennifer's teaching skills were, second to none, she was enthusiastic at every class and her passion for photography was more than evident. Thanks Jennifer.”

- Shelley Bernier

"When I saw the ad poster for a photography class in Chapleau, my first thought was "hey! I should go and learn how to use my camera", and then I went home and forgot all about it. But then a friend approached me and asked if I wanted to attend with her, and so I agreed. I had the best time! I learned a lot about using my camera and I actually took some pretty good shots. Later, I heard that Jennifer was going to have another class. Would I attend? Of Course!! This time, instead of technical learning, Jennifer taught us about perspective and depth and I LOVED it! I was hooked on learning more and hopefully getting better at taking nature photos, my favourite thing to shoot. I did get better, and now I find myself looking at scenes from different angles and using the sun, moon and even stormy skies to take my shots. I see "the perfect shot" everywhere I go... well, maybe not the perfect shot, but I can always find something to shoot when I have my camera in my hands. I thank you Jennifer for teaching me to take my time, look at all the angles and make the shot my own."

- Amy Doussept

“Jennifer taught me photo class. Jennifer is an amazing and awesome teacher and young lady. Jennifer taught me how to look beyond my eye and search for that great shot. I see things now in a whole new perspective. I catch myself saying wow look at that, it would make a great picture for sure. I see beauty in my lens that I never seen before and it makes me so excited. Jennifer also made me feel part of her class. I am a shy and quiet person and Jennifer made me feel so comfortable I broke out of my shell. Thank you Jennifer.”

- Cindy Frappier

“I have always had a love of photography; though I had never taken a course. When I heard about Jennifer's course I jumped at the opportunity hoping to learn more about this hobby I had for years… I was pleasantly surprised at Jennifer's enthusiasm and passion for photography! She had a natural ability to share her skills with everyone in the class! Personally I was thrilled that I was able to tap into a creativity that I didn't even know I had...I thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer's class and recommend anyone even slightly interested in photography to take it! You won't be disappointed!”

- Kathleen Johnson

“When I took the photography class from Jennifer, I learned a lot. She was precise, dedicated and paid attention to details. I would conclude that it was very productive and informative!”

- Ludie O’Hearn

“I was fortunate to be able to participate in a workshop that Jennifer offered a couple of summers ago. I had a good camera but I had no clue what all the features were or how they affected the pictures I was taking. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions and by the end of the course I was more confident in using my camera and my pictures were turning out better than ever. I was able to enter one picture in a contest where it was used in a calendar and another won an honourable mention in a separate contest. Thank you Jennifer for being a great instructor.”

- Tara O’Hearn

“I have attended two of Jennifer's workshops and I have found them inspiring and informative. I had just began to shoot in manual mode with my camera and I was trying to gain experience and guidance as I learned to navigate the settings in my camera. Jennifer was patient, funny and kind as she taught these workshops.  She inspired me to look at photography in more creative ways than I would ever have done on my own.  She has such a love and passion for her photography. I've enjoyed watching her photography grow over the years and I am looking forward to see what else she has in store.”

- Angela Wilson


"Jennifer is an amazing photographer and definitely helped capture the perfect moments of our wedding. She is easy to work with, staying calm and collected the whole way through. I had a list of pictures that I wanted, not only did she help me get them, she had printed them out beforehand to ensure that we didn't miss any. We would recommend Jennifer to everyone and anyone, she did an amazing job and we almost wish we could get married a second time to work with her again."

- Curtis and Michelle Morin


“Working alongside Jennifer is an absolute pleasure. Her passion for photography oozes inspiration not only to her clients but to everyone else around her. I have personally been within the frame of Jennifer's camera and what I appreciate the most about her is her organization, motivation and eagerness to strive for success.”

- Madeleine Passmore, Owner and Photographer at White Light Art

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