July 6th, 2016

I decided to have some fun with marbles a little while ago and experiment with some abstract photography. I love how the light shines through the marbles onto the table and creates interesting colour patterns. Another really cool thing about photographing marbles is how you can see the detail inside of the marbles and how it's nicely illuminated. 

Playing with depth of field in abstract (and really in photography in general) can give you some pretty great results. Especially when you get the bokeh of the lights and colours in the background. That effect can very often make or break a good image. Not to mention it really gives a more intense feel to any photograph and creates interest. 

Also, if you were wondering why there are a bunch of tones of light happening, that is because my light source for these two image above and the one found below on the left, was a lamp. The lamp I used had a red lampshade on it, so that is why you get the gradient of red to yellow along the images.

The one thing that I really love about the the images taken with the lamp light is that it almost gives the effect of city lights at night; the marbles representing buildings and the light on the table acting as a lake of some sort. I might be the only one to see that, but art is and will always be open to everyone's interpretation.

The image above on the right was photographed with window light and I find that the texture contrast of the wooden table and the smooth surface of the marble creates some great dynamic elements within the photograph.

I used a macro lens to capture these three images above. My light source was the flashlight on my iPhone. I really liked the detail in the large blue marble and wanted to see how it would look in my macro lens. The macro lens I was using was not a glass lens, it was a very inexpensive duel purpose lens. I'm not saying it's a bad lens, but I know the results of these images probably would have turned out better, with more detail, had I been using a better macro lens. But y'know, a macro lens isn't quite in the budget at the moment.

Nonetheless, I do like how these images turned out and how the light creates some dimension in the details. I feel like it's always good to experiment with abstract photography every now and then because there really isn't very many boundaries to follow. You just have to find interesting subject matter and play with lights and shadows.

Shout out to Studio 89 in Mississauga for providing me with room to do this shoot.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry on shooting marbles!

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