September 21st, 2016

While in Chapleau for a week at the end of August, I really wanted to take some of the time to do some landscape photography. There are so many places in and around Chapleau that are just so full of picturesque nature, that it really wasn't difficult to pick a few great places as subject matter for photography.

It had been a while since I had been to Aubrey Falls. The last time I went I think I was around the age of 14. I was working with a Nikon D60, which was my first DSLR camera. Since then, my skill and eye for good subject matter has definitely improved. It was so nice to go back after not being there for so long, and to compare my work now to my work back when I first started.

It had been raining pretty much the entire time I was in Chapleau. But despite the slight disadvantage with the sun not being out at the right time, the water levels were high making for great currents and everything was beautiful and green. I found myself being very fascinated with how much contrast was found between the leaves and the soil. I couldn't stop photographing it.

Aubrey Falls is a really nice spot and nice hike to do. I really liked going back after so many years and photographing it in a whole new way. It's interesting to see how different you can photograph one thing after years later.

Thank you for reading! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures at Aubrey Falls!

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