Butser Hill - J. K. Ribout Photography

June 3rd, 2016

The last day of the trip was mostly spent by taking in the beauty of some of the scenery found in England. One amazing spot to venture to is a place called Butser Hill. In England, there are tons of people who walk, and tons of trails to explore. With places such as Butser Hill, it really isn't a surprise at all. If I lived there, I would be taking in the views as much as I could; especially if the day was sunny and free of rain.

Initially, when you leave the parking lot and head to the trail, you follow it through some woods and come to a wooden gate.

After that, you follow the trail as you climb higher and higher up the hill. Eventually you come to the end of the hill and look down to a valley, with a view that is absolutely awesome.

When you walk around the other side of the cliff, you come across another small wooden gate that leads you to the other side of the valley. Once passed the trees, you see the valley from another point of view that is breathtaking.

This place was very picturesque and just so green everywhere you looked. The hills were alive with the sound of the wind; it was so strong once you were at the top of the hill. The feel of the environment reminded me of The Lord of the Rings. You almost expected someone to ride up on a horse. It was a very nice escape from reality; with nothing but the wind and the occasional dog to be heard. 

I feel like everyone should take the time to go to places like this. I'm not saying to immediately book a flight to England; but I feel that it is important to immerse yourself in places of nature. There really is nothing more peaceful than leaving the noise and pollution of the city for a while to appreciate the places that are still untouched by man. It's sad that so much of it around the world has been destroyed and taken over.

I could have stayed there for hours; which could have been a cool idea considering the light shift during sunset would have been amazing. It was really relaxing and just one of those movie scene locations. It was truly an afternoon well spent.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry on Butser Hill.

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