December 14th, 2016

For our 3rd anniversary, my boyfriend Alex and I wanted to experience something rather than buy each other something, and he's wanted to go to Casa Loma for a while now; so we thought why not! It would be a fantastic afternoon of exploring a beautiful castle together and I could have some photography fun in the process!

I've been to Casa Loma once before in college. We took a field trip there to complete one of our interior assignments. Though back then, I we went in December, so there was already snow on the ground and we couldn't see the garden or anything outside. So this time was really nice because the fall colours were still so vibrant and beautiful; it was a great fall day. 

A year ago, I was having the worst luck when it came to technology; I spilled water on my laptop and a couple months before that, my external hard-drive completely crashed on me. All that resulting in losing a lot of my photographic work, including all the photos taken at Casa Loma. I was really happy to be able to go back and get more photos. And this time, I had a better camera and a better creative eye.

This is the library on the first floor. It's my favourite room in the whole castle. The chandeliers are simply gorgeous and the warm tone to the room and the overall atmosphere reminds me so much of Beauty and the Beast; which was (and still is!) my favourite Disney movie growing up.

This is the conservatory found just passed the library. Definitely another favourite of mine.

This is part of Lady Pellatt's suite on the second floor. I would love to have some people over for tea in a room like this.

This is what's known as the Group of Seven Gallery. It's in the tower on the third floor. The lighting in here was amazing.

Me being me, I couldn't resist taking a few detailed shots of some of the chandeliers. 

This was taken from the tower. I had to climb a few spiral stair cases to get to this point. I am very afraid of heights so this took some strength (not only will power, but stomach power as I got a bit dizzy climbing. I think it was a mix of the nerves and the constant spinning) but I did it. Well worth it too! Look at this view!

And of course I couldn't resist taking one shot in one of the many lovely mirrors.

Thank you very much for reading!

I hope enjoyed this blog post on Casa Loma!

I would definitely recommend you go and see it for yourself. Such a beautiful and elegant place to explore!

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