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October 5th, 2016

Welcome to this blog post showcasing some awesome picturesque places in Chapleau. I feel that the beauty of this town is a bit overlooked. I don't mean that it's ignored by everyone, but it isn't always appreciated - or noticed. But honestly, Chapleau is surrounded by really pretty scenes, especially during the summer. The winters are also amazing when it becomes really cold and crispy, the skies are beautiful during sunrise and sunset. Yes, it is 100% freezing, but hey, it's also peaceful and beautiful. 

My point is, I really enjoy doing photography around Chapleau because I always find something great to capture. And I hadn't done any proper landscape photography around town in a very long time. Keep in mind that from 8th to 12th grade, I was constantly going on photography expeditions.

Peace Park

Now I know what some of you might be thinking - where are the photos of all the flower? And yes, while there are so many beautiful flowers at Peace Park, (and honestly, that is one of the things - if not the one thing most related to the park - that Peace Park is known for) there have been so many photos taken of the flowers and I don't particularly make it a point to photograph them unless they are really different or the lighting is great.

I just felt like the lighting was really great coming into the park through the trees, and - without trying to sound cliché - the park is very peaceful.

Timmins Turn-Off

Now, my subtitles may not make the most sense, or even be correct. But since I've lived in Chapleau (a.k.a my whole life) this is the terminology that has been used. So for those who don't know, there is a left turn as you are exiting the outskirts of the town that takes you pass a rail road crossing (shout out to my dad who was the signal maintainer of that crossing for years) and that is the road you would take to go to Borden Lake, Emerald lake, Brunswick house, Mulligans Bay, etc. The is the highway you take to head to Timmins - hence "Timmins Turn-Off" 

After you pass the rail road crossing, there is a river that passing under the road. It's not a bad sight and can look really nice when the light is shining just the right way.

Emerald Lake

Chapleau River/Over Pass

These images were taken on the bridge/overpass. Sometimes the lighting/sunrise or sunset is just too great that you have to stand on the bridge and photograph while people drive by and stare at you.

Rapids Behind the OPP

This spot is probably my favourite spot in Chapleau. It can be found down a road (that eventually leads the OPP Station). There's a little hidden opening, so if you're driving, you have to keep an eye out for it, otherwise you'll miss it (like I've done countless times). It's a very quiet place. When you first get there, you have to climb down the hill of rocks, which may take a little bit longer than needed if you are as unbalanced as me, but it is very worth it. It's a nice little spot that would be great to go to for a little "you time" or to ponder life.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this little showcase of my beautiful little hometown.

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