Crawford Lake Conservation Area - J. K. Ribout Photography

April 12th, 2017

This outdoor adventure takes us to Crawford Lake. This area, I think, would look absolutely beautiful in the summer and in the fall. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't any beauty as spring blooms. There was greenery beginning to surface and even flowers starting to bud. The land itself was great and the mossy green rocks were a great contrast to the trees that are just starting to come alive again.

Throughout the trail, there were signs around that spoke about thanksgiving and how the iroquoian tribes view life as being a day to day practice of giving thanks to the earth. They call this The Moccasin Walk. They spoke about mother earth, food and the wind. The verses found on the signs were from the Thanksgiving Prayer of the Longhouse People.

I'm not sure if I saw all the verses that there was to see, but I'd like to share with you a few verse from this Prayer.

"Mother Earth

We give thanks to our Mother Earth.

All that makes us strong and alive, comes from you. 

We are like children as we walk upon you.

You nourish us and all living things."

"The Four Winds

We give thanks to the four winds.

We listen, and hear your voices as you blow above our heads.

Always you bring us strength.

You come from the four direction."

"The PeopleWe have been given the duty

To live in harmony with one another

And with other living things.

We give thanks that this is true."

We give thanks that this is true... These verses are ones that I feel are very important to acknowledge. We are living on this planet, we do not own this planet; we will one day depart this planet, and one day, this planet will go on without us. It is important to recognize that it is because of this planet that we are able to live the life we lead. It is important to recognize its beauty and not take it for granted. It is important to recognize that we must preserve it. 

It is also important that we recognize that in the end, we are all humans that come from the same line. By this time, you would think that looks, genre and age would have become transparent in our eyes, but clearly there is much growing still to be done.

I wish so badly for everyone to realize this, and I hope that through sharing these passages, that it opens your eyes as much as it helped me realize a deeper connection to this world we live in. This is why I do what I do. This is why I photograph landscapes. It is in the hope that people will recognize the importance of nature and help preserve what little purity is left.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this adventure and that my words helped to inspire you or spark a fire in you. If you think that you alone cannot help, you are mistaken. Every piece and every step, is one more thing that can help change things for the better.

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