August 31, 2016.

On Canada Day, I had the pleasure of capturing the marriage of Denise and Ron in Chapleau. This was one of the two weddings I captured that weekend, and it was nothing short of beautiful. The bridal preparations began early that morning, however, I arrived in the midst of makeup being done - hair had already been completed. Upon arriving, I began the detail shots and acted as a fly on the wall as the bride and her party got ready for the day. As far as preparations go, everything went smoothly and was completed (almost) on time. Denise looked beautiful in her gown and was definitely ready to meet her fiancé at the alter.

Detail shots of the dress, accessories, and of course, the gorgeous ring. Everything was so well coordinated and couldn't have looked better.

The ceremony was held at Service Lake where the family has a cottage. It was small, it was simple and it was the perfect location for a summer wedding. The setup was very well done and looked amazing. The weather was a bit tricky to deal with as it went from one extreme to another (cloudy, cold winds, to sunny and hot) but regardless, the lighting and scenery were great for capturing the best photos of the day.

The dock was the most obvious and perfect location to get all the family and formal shots done. Absolutely beautiful setting. 

And of course, what would a wedding at the cottage be without some awesome photographs taken in the incredible amount of green surrounding us. It was really the perfect time of day - right in the golden hour - to get some really great light coming in through the trees. Once everything was done and the bride and groom were ready to join the rest of their party and attend the reception, the rain started. It couldn't have had any better timing.

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding, and I'm so honoured that I was asked to capture it all.

Congratulations Denise and Ron! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little insight to their special day.

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