Dundas Peak - J. K. Ribout Photography

June 13, 2016

I recently ventured out to Dundas Peak in Hamilton. If you like nice trails in the woods full of greenery and a great view at the end of a cliff; this place is somewhere you would probably enjoy. Thankfully the day I went wasn't a scorcher like it had been earlier that week. The humidity broke and there was actually a nice cool breeze. It was perfectly sunny and a great walk through the trails.

One spot there that's really nice is a waterfall a little less than half way to the peak of the trail. There were people at the top of the waterfall, walking in the water and people at the bottom of the waterfall, swimming and whatnot. How either of those groups got to either of those locations is beyond me. I’ve heard the trek down to the bottom of the waterfall is quite the mission. I feel like I would want to attempt it for the sake of photography — we’ll see how ballsy I get given that I’m not a great fan of heights and not much of a hiker.

There were so many little green caterpillars (as well as larger, furrier ones on the ground) that were descending from the trees above. I’m pretty sure I left there with a bit of — I don't even know what you would call this — caterpillar web? Regardless, it felt like there was a hair on my arm, but it wasn't mine.

The sun coming in through the leaves on the trees looked absolutely cool and I wanted to capture that as much as possible, I love the effect that it caused. Minus being blinded for a few moments each time I looked through the view finder to photograph it, and continuously questioning how sharp it was turning out, it went well! All for the art! Beauty is pain? So is art occasionally.

The view at the end of the cliff was pretty good, lots of beautiful greenery and there were tons of hawks playing in the wind and soaring around the trees. Quite the sight to see. This place in general is really a nice one to either go for a picnic, a hike, a stroll or even a personal photography exhibition. There is ample amounts of elements that make up this place, as I’m sure many other nature places around here as well. This won't be the last park I go exploring in.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry on Dundas Peak.

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