March 29th, 2017

Photography: Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art

March 20th was the official opening of our FLUX photography exhibition at Neilson Park Creative Centre! Rileigh and I were so excited for the event to start, and we were so happy and humbled by all the amazing compliments and conversations that went on that night.

To give you a little bit of back story on everything leading up to the gallery opening, Rileigh Sabourin (Rileigh Sabourin Photography) and I attended Niagara College and graduated the Digital Photography Program together. During the two years we became friends and were even neighbours in second year when we lived in student housing. When I moved to Mississauga, I had no idea that we lived so close to each other. Then one day we got talking and realized that she is literally 5 mins away from where I live. I made it my goal to have a gallery exhibition in 2017 but soon realized, after finding the space at the Neilson Park Creative Centre, that I would not be able to fill the entire space with my work alone. And alas, FLUX was born.

We really wanted to bring forth a series that was unique and bold; but we also wanted to bring forth 2 more series that also tied into the main one. We wanted to be able to showcase ourselves as 2 individual artists as well as a dynamic duo. 

Flux was created as an abstract take on water, how it flows and how it is ever changing; in movement, in shapes and through life. We chose water as a subject matter because there are so many different versions of that element that the possibilities were really endless. 

Vitality was created by Rileigh as a self portrait series of different characters, thus embodying life and humanity and its many shapes. She beautifully captured parts of herself through characters in this series and I cannot express how happy I was to watch her execute the final products of this series.

Essence was created by me as a soulful capture of life in the form of fine art landscape photography; a raw look at this beautiful world and how much of it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. My hope was to bring forth the simplicity of natures elements and present it in the most elegant way possible. Take a moment in time and frame it, before it too would change.

After months and months of planning, everything slowly came together as one big art show to celebrate how life's changes are constant and that it is sometimes something we are afraid of, but that is also always an unknown that can hold the most beautiful things.

Photography: Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art

Photography: Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art

When opening night was finally happening, Rileigh and I were both excited and nervous to see how everything would pan out. I'm so pleased to say that it was a great turn out and that the 2 hour event was full of great conversations and beautifully dressed people. 

Here are some of the highlights in pictures:

Photography: Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art

Photography: Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art

There are so many people that we both would love to thank for helping us make all of this possible. Aside from our families, friends and boyfriends who witness all of our blood, sweat and tears being poured into this thing, we would like to thank a few more people. Thank you to Neilson Park Creative Centre for helping us prep the gallery space, Sharon Majeau from Quality Custom Framing for the beautiful frame job and Madeleine Passmore of White Light Art for doing the photography during the evening. It was a dream come true to be able to hold my first ever gallery in Southern Ontario and to help make Rileigh's first photography exhibition experience a great one. We were like kids on Christmas morning. 

The gallery is not over yet! Don't forget that the exhibition is on at Neilson Park Creative Centre until April 9th! All pieces are up for sale as well!

Bring your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends - everyone! We worked really hard on this project and we are so proud with how everything turned out. We are so excited to be able to share it with you.

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