February 8th, 2017

These photos were taken the day after my last blog post. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the fog had stuck around for an extra day. I was really excited to be able to photograph some foggy landscape in some daylight. I loved the effect that the fog brought to the streets of my neighbourhood and surrounding area. The hazy atmosphere mixed with the splash of green grass reminded me of England, which I really loved.

I love adding some movement to images when it fits. I do this by slowing down the shutter, letting more light into the camera and enabling movement in the scene to be played out. I felt that the cars going by was a great addition to this shot. Having the movement in the foreground creates a nice dynamic contrast with the calm background.

The fog made everything look so much more vast and that's one element that I love about fog; you never quite know when it ends and you sometimes don't know what is at the end.

As my little stroll was coming to an end, I happened to notice this line of homes and thought the symmetry and the gradient of the tones was something that was worth capturing. I feel like when you are able to see a specific element (such as interesting gradient, lighting or tones) on something so ordinary and showcase how something simple can be seen as something much more interesting, that is when photography becomes important. A new perspective on all things is something that everyone should look for; not only in photography but also in life. 

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight on my stroll through a hazy morning.

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