December 28th, 2016

What was I doing on the coldest day so far this year? Why hiking of course!

I took a little trip to Hilton Falls a couple of weeks ago. And though the lighting situation was not in my favour (as most usual) I still made the best of it and now know what time of the day I should go to actually capture everything the way I want with the help of nice lighting. 

Besides that, though, it was a frigid and nice hike accompanied by making friends with the birds and getting to merge myself in nature, despite my numb feet.

This was about the only direct sunlight I was able to capture. At least the sun was still at a good spot for a little while before setting to the point where it was no longer really hitting any subject matter I wanted it to. 

Because the falls were further down than the hiking trail, the sun was even less prominent on the falls and the surrounding area.

There was a bird feeder halfway down the trail that attracted lots of little birds that definitely weren't shy.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure to Hilton Falls.

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