January 18th, 2017

If you've read my blog post Hilton Falls, you'll know that the light wasn't quite in my favour that time around. So we decided to take another trip (this time earlier in the morning) to hopefully catch some more interesting landscape with a more sunny glow. I got just what I hoped for. 

The snow had melted quite significantly over the Christmas holidays and the trails were much easier to walk through, it looked more like fall in most parts and in some photographs, you might think it was spring. I had hoped to get a more interesting take on the waterfall, however, as my luck would have it, not only was the formation not quite how I hoped, the sunlight just missed it and it was in full shadow. But, that was okay because I was able to capture some other really beautiful parts of the park.

This time I was prepped, camera up to my eye as I waited for a little bird to be curious enough to land on my finger. It was a bit more difficult this time around as a squirrel got to the bird feeder and there were bird seeds all over the ground.

Though the falls weren't very picturesque, the stream and the snow covered trees were beautiful in the light. There were some frozen branches that sparkled in the sunlight.

The photographs I captured of the sunlight in the trees are definitely my favourite of the whole day. There was harsh light illuminating the scene just pass the trees, making for a very soft and vibrant backlight. These parts didn't even fit the winter scene and honestly reminded me of Lord of the Rings (which had me pretty excited.)

Hilton Falls is definitely a beautiful spot for a hike, not only for the falls, but also for everything from birds to tall trees.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my second adventure to Hilton Falls.

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