June 14th, 2017

This past weekend we took a trip over to Kelso Conservation Area. But this time, we began our hike in mid afternoon instead of early morning. As you can imagine, this made for different lighting to work with, but through the trees and in the middle of the trail in the woods; it still looked pretty darn awesome.

What Alex neglected to mention was that there was a pretty decent hill with a killer incline we had to climb to get up the cliff to begin the trail. Being someone with asthma and working on making my cardio better everyday, I'm happy to report that even though the heat was getting to me, my breathing was great! (After a break - or three)

This little guy was just hanging out on a branch in the middle of some bush. He made himself known by the little squeaking noises he made. I've heard them make little noises before, but none so squeaky as what he was doing.

Unfortunately for me, I twisted my ankle a little more than halfway through the trail and had to continue going until we finished. I had to go down the hill I climbed (and created my own symphony of bad words along the way) but it was all good because I didn't break my ankle; it was just a bad sprain.

Very beautiful place and I recommend it to anyone because of the great lookouts and lovely green scenes.

Thank you for reading!

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