Mono Cliffs - J. K. Ribout Photography

May 31st, 2017

On Victoria Day, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and free time to go out and be in nature. Unfortunately, despite going only about 40 minutes away to Mono Cliffs, we neglected to check the weather and thus it was overcast the whole time. But no matter! Everything was so beautifully green that if anything, you felt like you were in England; and that to me is a great thing.

The trail itself was windy and awesome, at one point there was quite a climb up the hill and it was zig-zagged around trees. It made for a trail that really felt like an adventure. One of the main attractions there, other than the look out over the cliffs and the rock formations, were the Cedar trees that go back to hundreds of years old. And the green mixed with the looming shadows of the overcast skies and the forest, made me feel like I was in the forbidden forest in Harry Potter. It was both eerie but so cool.

We managed to take the extremely long way to get to the actual cliffs but we saw some beautiful picturesque scenes along the way, so we really didn't mind. The cliffs itself were so awesome to look at; and ever more awesome to photograph. The mossy green texture on the rocks were just stunning and the overcast lighting actually worked in my favour.

In all, this was a great trail with so much to see. Near the end, we passed by a group of ladies going at the trail on horse back. Not one horse was the same colour and they all looked so majestic. I would love to go through there on horse back. The sight made my day.

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