November 15th, 2017

This passed weekend was the coldest it's been here in Mississauga thus far as winter approaches. The brisk air reminds me of home, and I can't help but feel nostalgia of the beautiful winters in Northern Ontario. There's nothing quite like it. 

In this little blog post, I take you through our adventure on a morning stroll along the Clarkson Lakeshore as we enjoy some peace and quiet and wake up in the sunlight.

It was a very picturesque sunrise that morning. There were geese and seagulls sitting atop the moving waves and a beautiful gradient of colour in the sky. The birds were stirred by rocks disrupting the water, and they made for a great addition to this photo.

This portion of our little walk felt like we had stepped back in time to another season. there were still leaves on the trees in assorted colours, the grass was green and the air was warm. It was lovely.

Soon though, we came back out to the lake front and found ourselves looking at a perfectly clear image of the Toronto skyline. Looming over it, was a black cloud that you could tell was already dropping rain. After that, the clouds came together and the sun disappeared for a while. Nonetheless, the skyline looked beautiful.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure.

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