December 21st, 2016

This past weekend, I took a little trip over to Richard's Memorial Park to capture the sunrise. The weather had been pretty nasty the couple days before, but I took my chances and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome (though I was determined to leave with a handful of good shots, no matter how long it took me.)

At first, it was quite cloudy. I was following the weather network in the hopes of catching the sun as it broke through the clouds. Sadly, it didn't completely work in my favour as far as the sun goes; but I was able to capture some nice light coming from the horizon and was joined by some geese, ducks and swans during my patient waiting.

Though the sun never did fully show itself, I was very satisfied with the light that was provided. It gave a nice winter hue that perfectly depicts just how cold it was that morning, and the overall feel of the images show how quiet and calm it really was there.

I love swans, they are probably my favourite species of bird; next to the dove. Growing up in Chapleau, I was never able to see or capture any swans. I'm still in awe with how many you can see on the lakeshore.

As I mentioned, there were quite a few birds that joined the party. It was nice to watch them for a bit and photograph them as I could. More and more just kept coming. At one point there was about 14 swans, which is the most I've ever seen together. I call that an accomplishment.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure while capturing the sunrise at Richard's Memorial Park.

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