October 4th, 2017

Last weekend, we took a little walk through Riverwood Conservation Area! I had only been here once before in late winter; naturally it looked completely different this time around. It's a very quiet and tranquil area and I very much enjoyed soaking up some nature.

The weather was gorgeous, and there was even a little hint of autumn in the air. A few leaves are now starting to change, but the sun still shines on pair with 20+ degree weather!

We had a little friend say hello! This little guy was perched like this in the same spot for over 10 minutes, staring right at me. It was almost like he was posing and holding still enough for me to capture him perfectly. And let me also add, this image is very cropped; he was pretty far away from me and I didn't have much of a zoom lens. I was really happy when I looked back at what I had taken and found one that was sharp!

Overall beautiful morning spent in nature, yet again. I'm very much in my happy place going out and capturing my surroundings. 

Thank you for reading!

I hope you liked seeing this little adventure through my work.

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