March 1st, 2017

This weekend's adventure brought us to Rockwood conservation Area in Guelph! I must say that as I looked through the images already posted online of this place, I got really excited about it. There was everything from ruins of an old mill, strong rivers, small waterfalls, yelling geese, creepy caves, beautiful lookouts and massive trees! (Literally, if you love nature and exploring, this is a great place for you.)

One of the cool things about this conservation area is that there is an old stone mill still standing and it is beautifully textured. The sun kept hiding behind the clouds, but when it would peek through, the light on the stone looked fantastic!

After the ruins, there is this river and a waterfall/dam that was used to power the mill. The power is really intense and makes for amazing motion photography.

This was by far my favourite part of this adventure. There was a lookout from a cliff and this was the view. It was amazing. I wasn't sure how the snow would look or the grey overcast, but it made for great photography. I made a mental note to come back in the summer and photograph the sunset. Because I feel like the sun setting in this spot would be absolutely breathtaking. The goose you see below is one of the many hanging around this park. I dont know what was going on, if they were talking to each other, or fighting each other, but they literally did not stop cawing.

The trees in this park were massive and beautiful. Some of them are even 300 to 500 years old. I am in full support of preserving trees. They are the root of nature and there is such raw beautyl found within them.

This was one of those places that made me stop and create a photograph almost every 30 seconds. There was so much texture and contrast and with the light fading and reappearing, there was so much beautiful change and diversity that it was very hard to ignore.

I definitely got a better look at Guelph through this, not only by visiting this conservation area, but also by driving there. I am very excited to continue exploring Guelph and surrounding areas; especially in the summer.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this adventure of mine.

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