Snowshoe Adventures in the North - J. K. Ribout Photography

January 11th, 2017

While back home in Chapleau for Christmas, my boyfriend Alex (it was his first time coming home with me over Christmas and his first northern winter experience; and I was really excited to have him with me) really wanted to do some outdoor exploring. I suggested that one day we go snowshoeing. I hadn't been snowshoeing since 4th grade when I went down a trail with my class, got an asthma attack, almost fainted and had to pant all the way back because I stupidly didn't bring my inhaler. Now, I have more stamina and my cardio is better so I knew I would do much better. My friends, Lianne and Amanda, joined us too. They provided the snowshoes. They got the more modern, smaller versions with cleats; while Alex and I used the old fashioned tennis rackette shoes.

We ventured behind the Golf Course and made a trail of our own as we trekked one by one through the trees and snow. It really was a perfect day to go snowshoeing. The weather was great and there was only little speckles of snow falling from the sky. The only downer was that there was a fresh layer of very solid snow on the ground, making it a bit harder to walk through. My shoes didn't have an upward curve at the toe like Alex's, so natural I kept clipping the snow every time I lifted my foot, and fell, a lot.

And what better time to get some snowy portraits of my beautiful friends than when snowshoeing! (My camera never once touched the snow, which I think was the biggest achievement of the day.)

This shot is one of my favourites from the day. I was in quite the kneeling position while taking it. I had to have Alex and Amanda stand behind me so that I could lean on them. Otherwise I couldn't get the right angle and would have fallen over.

This was definitely a much better snowshoeing experience than the last time I went. I was glad to be able to trek through the snow, do some photography and laugh while I tumbled in really great company.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my snowshoeing adventure.

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