November 29th, 2017

Over the weekend, we headed over to the Distillery Christmas Market in Toronto. I have been wanting to go to the market for a couple years now, but hadn't had the chance to until this year. As chilly as it was once the sun set, there were no snowflakes falling down - which to be honest made the experience a little less beautiful. But, I love the Distillery District in Toronto, and I love the Christmas season, so either way I enjoyed myself.

It was an absolutely perfect evening for this. The sky was lit by the golden sun and the gradient of colour looked like a summer sky above a beach - which went perfectly with the carnival figures of the merry-go-round and Ferris wheel.

The lights hung around the market were great, even with the sun still shining. It was a cold day in the market - everyone falling victim to the slaps of wind. But there were plenty avenues to keep warm: wether it be hanging out in shops, standing by fiery warming stations or sipping on some warm drinks. I tried hot mulled wine for the first time in my life and my comment is this: it's Christmas in a cup. If you love wine - do it.

When the sun went down, the market became more alive. The lights came on and it was a wave of vibrance. It really was a lovely site to be immersed in the beautiful atmosphere of the Christmas season under the glowing lights.

Though I still silently wished for some snow to fall, nothing compared to the sight of the giant Christmas tree surrounded by streams of glowing lights and people. 

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you enjoyed my first little Christmassy post of the season!

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