April 4th, 2016

This is one of my latest portraits I’ve titled Unbound. I shot this while at home for Easter long weekend. The model is the ever so lovely, my dear friend, Lianne.

This was the setup for this shoot, very simple, as most of my setups are. The background was a piece of black backdrop taped to the floor and Lianne just laid on it. I used a home made reflector out of some tin foil taped to one side of a board and pieces of white paper on the other.

I chose the name Unbound because I feel like it is the perfect depiction of freedom. In this image, her hair is loose, representing freedom and fearlessness; almost as if she were facing the wind. Though her hair rests upon her face and neck in almost a restraint manner, representing the obstacles to be faced not only in your surroundings but in yourself, her face is calm.

This image, to me, is the realization that freedom is earned and that peace and happiness is not won by standing by. It’s earned by facing these restraints and learning that you will overcome them, but that you must be patient. By overcoming them you become free, you become yourself again; you become unbound.

This was a mini shoot that resulted in beautiful images of a beautiful person. It had been a while since doing a shoot together and I love that we were able to.

You can find the videos “Unbound Teaser” and “Unbound” in the “Videography section of my website, or by clicking here.

Thank you very much for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at Unbound.

See more by watching the behind the scenes video here!

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