December 7th, 2016

In my photography, I search for inspiration in all that surrounds me. But sometimes, finding inspiration can be very difficult. Especially when you feel like you've used all the ideas you can muster and you've come up to a creative block. Some people like to look on the internet for some ideas, which I definitely do a lot. But when it comes to feeding my creative juices, I need that little extra push to get my mind focused on the task of creating new photography content for all of you. I use instrumental music as my muse.

I have many muses that help me in creating, but instrumental music helps me reach my highest level of creativity and allows me to dive into my craft with the most focus possible. Now, you might be associating "instrumental music" with the likes of Mozart and Beethoven (and if those are the only instrumental composers you can name, then you really need to have a little adventure on YouTube and check some of the awesome pieces out there). While those composers are brilliant at what they do, their kind of instrumental isn't quite what I mean. Here's an example of the kind I mean, and one of my all time favourite pieces.

Thomas Bergersen is one of my favourite composers. His style is brilliant and the intensity of each piece is beautiful and soulful and I could listen to it all day.

Instrumental music wasn't always a love of mine. But, I watched the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age and I really happened to notice the movie score by Craig Armstrong. The music was so moving and amazing and I had to hear it alone. Let me share with you the one song that really took me in.

Music for me is such a big part of how I create my art. I feed off one form of art to create another. I feel like art as a whole can do so much good and bring so much help to all of its categories by sharing resources. And by seeing what one artist has created, we may be inspired to create something of our own. My goal with my photography is to have people feel emotion the way I do when I listen to my favourite instrumental pieces.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading what inspires me and helps me create what I create.

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